Bad Foods for Problematic Skin

Bad Foods for Problematic Skin | Dr. Ali Ghahary

When it comes to certain skin conditions, such as acne and rosacea, we know that they’re triggered by a number of different factors, including genetics. However, one of the reasons for problematic skin may also be due to the foods you’re eating. Below, Dr. Ali Ghahary shares a list of some of the foods that are known to cause skin problems, as well as provides information on different substitutes.

While milk is a great source of calcium, which helps strengthen bones and teeth, dairy products could be the reason for your skin breakouts. This is because dairy contains hormonal components that stimulate the production of oil. The more oil that your body produces, the more likely your pores are going to become clogged. To avoid breakouts, it’s recommended that you substitute milk for things like soy or almond milk.

Sugar is something that Dr. Ghahary recommends avoiding consumption of, especially given the variety of ways in which it can be harmful to our health (including the skin.) Regular consumption of sugary foods can actually stiffen and age the skin significantly. If you’re craving something sweet, opt for fresh fruits. They contain natural sugar and antioxidants, which not only fight aging but have many other added health benefits, including improving heart health and decreasing your risk of developing infections. Antioxidants found in fresh fruit can also decrease the risk of cancer.

Sodium, which is the term that is commonly used to describe salt, won’t necessarily contribute to acne or other skin conditions. It can, however, cause the skin to become puffy due to the fact that salt causes some individuals to retain water. Typically, puffiness as a result of consumption of salt is usually most noticeable around the eyes. To decrease inflammation and give the skin more hydration, try eating salmon.

Fish can be a healthy part of your diet, especially fish that is high in omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon. However, shellfish can be problematic – especially if you’re prone to skin problems. Shellfish tends to contain high levels of iodine, which has been known to inflame the skin, cause redness, clog the pores, and lead to acne. If you are someone who likes to consume fish regularly, try cutting your intake down to see if your skin improves.

When you consume alcoholic beverages, it may cause the pigment of your skin (particularly the face/cheeks) to appear red in colour. In addition to this, drinking alcohol also causes dehydration. Dehydration is not only bad for your health, but it’s also bad for the skin. Dehydrated skin can become dried out, which may make you more prone to having dry, flaky, or wrinkly skin, and it can also become less vibrant.