“Dry Feb” is a fundraiser that challenges individuals to abstain from drinking alcohol for the entire month of February as well as raises funds for the Canadian Cancer Society. The initiative has become increasingly popular over the years, as people look for ways to improve their health and wellness, and is a fantastic way to reset your relationship with alcohol. Many participants report feeling healthier, more in control, and better able to make healthier decisions after taking part – such as focusing on things like exercise, meditation, or socializing.

Many who take part in Dry Feb find that it helps them break bad habits and build healthier ones. For example, drinking alcohol can be a social lubricant and make it easier to go out and have a good time. During Dry February, participants can focus on activities that don’t involve drinking and still have fun.

Participants may also find that they have more energy and focus during. Alcohol can have a negative effect on sleep, concentration, and energy levels. Taking time away from alcohol consumption can help people reset their sleep patterns and give them the energy they need to stay productive and focused.

Dry February can also be a great opportunity to save money. Alcohol is often expensive, and taking a break from drinking can help participants save money that can be used for other activities, or saved for a rainy day.

If you’re considering taking part in Dry February, below are a few tips to help you make the most of the challenge.

HAVE A PLAN: Think about your goals for the month and come up with a plan for how you’ll achieve them. Make sure to set realistic goals that you can actually stick to.
SET YOURSELF UP FOR SUCCESS: If you know certain triggers will make it difficult to stay on track, such as going to happy hour, plan ahead and come up with a plan for how you’ll deal with them.
GET SUPPORT: Ask your friends and family to join you in the challenge and support you along the way. This can make it easier to stay on track and can help you stay motivated.
CELEBRATE YOUR ACCOMPLISHMENTS: At the end of the month, take some time to reflect on the progress you’ve made and celebrate your success.

For more information on Dry Feb, visit www.dryfeb.ca