April is Daffodil Month

April is Daffodil Month | Dr. Ali Ghahary

On average, an estimated 565 Canadians will be diagnosed with cancer each day. That’s over 16,000 Canadians each month, and an estimated 192,000 each year. In the next 15 years, those numbers are expected to jump by at least 15%.

To continue to raise awareness and support the fight against cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society recognizes the month of April as Daffodil Month – a campaign that marked its 60th anniversary last year. Why the daffodil? Because it’s a symbol of strength and courage. As part of Daffodil Month, there are many different ways in which Canadians can lend their support. Not only can you donate to the Canadian Cancer Society directly, but you can also purchase a daffodil pin at any of the following retail locations across British Columbia:

• Pharmasave
• Starbucks
• Denny’s
• Kin’s Farm Market
• Waves Coffee House
• Nester’s Market
• Donald’s Market

Note: Pins will be available until April 30th.
Participating retailers may also vary from Province to Province.

In addition to wearing a daffodil, BC residents can also take part in the Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Dash. The Daffodil Dash is a run to raise funds for cancer research and prevention. Whether you run solo or participate as a group with friends and family, it’s a great (and healthy) way to support those living with cancer as well as a great way to give back to the community and support the Canadian Cancer Society’s continued efforts.

The Daffodil Dash takes place on April 29th and will be happening in various regions across British Columbia, including:

North Shore

Another way you can support Daffodil month is by purchasing freshly cut daffodils. Just like the sales of all daffodil pins, money raised through all flower sales will go towards life-saving research, information, and support services. If you have any questions or would like to order daffodils, e-mail daffodilsbcy@bc.cancer.ca or call (604) 675-7355.

If you or someone you know has received the devastating diagnosis of cancer, remember you are not alone. There are many support options available and many ready and willing to listen and help you. For a list of the different types of support services available, visit cancer.ca.