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Five Great Foods For Your Health

Heart Month

February is Heart Month in Canada.

Learn more about heart disease at heartandstroke.ca.

The Differences Between Hepatitis A, B and C

While Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C all have similar symptoms, they each affect the liver differently.

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Alzheimer’s Awareness Month

January is Alzheimer’s Awareness Month. Show your support on social media by using the hashtag #InItForAlz.

For more information on Alzheimer’s Disease, visit Dr. Ghahary’s Instagram page at http://instagram.com/alighahary.

Treating Symptoms of Menopause

Preventing High Cholesterol

Caring for Geriatric Patients

New Year’s Resolutions: Weight Loss

Follow these important steps to help guide you into living a healthy, happy new year.

  1. Set realistic goals and don’t expect immediate results.
  2. Make healthy meal choices. Choose foods that are low in carbohydrates and high in protein.
  3. Drink water. This helps with weight loss and has many other health benefits.

For moreĀ post-holiday health tips, visit http://alighahary.weebly.com.

Winter Health Hazards: Slips and Falls

With Vancouver’s recent snowfall, it is imperative that you follow these simple but critical tips to avoid the risk of injury.

  • Keep stairs and walkways clear of snow, ice and other debris
  • Ensure that there is sufficient lighting outside of your home
  • Wear waterproof, well insulated boots with non-slip soles
  • Take your time when walking, use handrails whenever possible

For more information on the health risks that are associated with winter, visit Dr. Ali Ghahary’s Instagram page at http://instagram.com/alighahary.

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